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Creeping Worm with Music/Light

Unit Price: $0 / piece
Learn worm features, colors, and shapes; press function

Tumbler Doll (5 colors assorted)

Unit Price: $0 / piece
Tumbler function; cartoon doll facial expression; learn colors and shapes

IQ 105 Intelligent Interactive Game Table with Light/Blocks/Tool/Quiz

Unit Price: $0 / piece
Do a quiz; animal sounds; learn colors, shapes, tool names; finger fine motor skill

Smiley Face Fun Keyboard with Music/Light

Unit Price: $0 / piece
Learn insect features; sound effects; piano; hear music

Adult/Child Interactive Turtle with Music/Sound Control/Touching Sensor/Electric Universal

Unit Price: $0 / piece
3 Modes: sound control mode, crawl mode, with moving mode, can enlighten baby’s interpersonal skills.
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