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UK announced plans for plastic packaging tax "zero" plastic and "no packaging" to become new trends in the toy industry

On March 11, Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced a tax scheme to promote the use of recycled plastics in commodity packaging, which will be implemented from April 2022. By then, plastic packaging for products produced in or exported to the UK will be subject to a plastic packaging tax at a rate of 300 pounds per ton if it contains less than 30% recycled plastic in its ingredients. Sunak said that this will increase the use of recycled plastic in packaging by 40%, which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by nearly 200,000 tons.


Reducing the use of plastics in industrial production and sustainable development has become a consensus. Many toy companies have taken action to announce their sustainable development plans by improving production processes, developing and using plastic alternatives in packaging and product raw materials. Therefore, in the face of the British tax increase plan, these leading toy brands are fully prepared to respond.

Hasbro:  Complete elimination of plastic packaging and striving for "zero" plastic

Hasbro plans to phase out almost all plastic from its new product packaging starting this year through to 2022. Hasbro will eliminate plastic bags, elastic bands, plastic films, plastic sheets for windows and blister packaging, and instead use open packaging and replace plastic with paper or other alternative materials.


Hasbro's Trolls World Tour Kit launched in 2018 used traditional plastic packaging (left). In contrast, the new kit (right) launched this year comes with almost no plastic packaging for the first time

Mattel: Use of recyclable or plant-based materials

In December 2019, Mattel announced its environmental sustainability goals, hoping to make its products and packaging with 100% recyclable or recyclable materials by 2030. Mattel will first launch a product that achieves this goal in the first half of 2020: Fisher-Price® Rock-a-Stack®, which is made of plant-based plastics extracted from sugar cane and 100% recyclable packaging from sustainable materials.


93% of paper and wood fibers currently used in Mattel products and packaging are derived from recyclable materials or materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In addition, the company also adopted the How2Recycle label, an explanatory label that clearly communicates recyclability to the public.

MGA Entertainment: Using degradable materials and promoting toy recycling

MGA Entertainment launched biodegradable L.O.L.SURPRISE for the first time this year! The products will be packaged in paper and sustainable materials. Starting next year, the entire L.O.L.SURPRISE! product line will be fully degradable.


The company's Little Tikes division will debut the Little Tek Go Green series, which is made entirely of recycled resin.


In addition, MGA Entertainment is partnering with TerraCycle, an innovative company that provides waste recycling solutions, and launched a toy recycling project in 2019. The project will be implemented in 9 countries including the United States, China and Canada. Through this project, consumers can deliver 100% recyclable LOL Surprise! Products and their packaging to TerraCycle, where old toys will be thoroughly cleaned and made  playgrounds, flower pots, and park benches And other innovative materials.


Educational Insights: Turning Packaging  Part of a Toy

In addition to replacing plastic packaging with sustainable materials, some companies have also chosen to make packaging part of toys to completely eliminate plastic pollution and material waste. "Design and Drill" series of Educational Insights are such an example. This series includes toys like rockets and garbage collection trucks, suitable for preschool children. After the children have finished assembling the toys, they can also fold the packaging box  a background that can be matched with various games, so as to get a better scene experience.


More and more toy companies are taking the lead in demonstrating new trends of environmentally friendly toys (LEGO, Hape, Brio etc.). The introduction of the UK plastic packaging tax will inevitably prompt more toy manufacturers to pay attention to environmental issues and adopt active measures to boost the healthy development of the industry.