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“Mabot”and“Thunbot” by Bell Education Won Red Dot Design Awards

2020-08-24 CTJPA

Founded in 2011, Bell Education Group is a matrix scientific education platform devoting itself to creative science and education for kids 3-18 years old to face the development in the AI era.
Since its founding, Bell Education Group has always adhered to the “original intention of one class”, based on AIQ theory to guide the course, way of teaching and R&D of product, foster the ability of kids in operating, thinking, and solving the realistic problems by the educational platform combining “online + offline” and competition system, cultivated and improved kids’ creativity, imagination, communication ability and quant ability imperceptibly.
Recently, Red Dot Design Award has officially published the winners of the 2020 design contest. Two robotic products by Bell Education Group“Mabot”and“Thunbot”won the Red Dot:Best of the Best and Red Dot award respectively.
Mabot is different from traditional teaching aids. As an intelligent robot education product, it adopts a modular design and consists of modular balls with different functions. It can be connected arbitrarily and unlimitedly. It supports hot swapping, plug and play, and is suitable for STEAM education and programming education for children over 3 years old.
The Mabot robot has been unanimously recognized by the academy with its excellent design and innovative functions. "The overall design of Mabot is very attractive. Children will be able to gradually improve their imagination and creativity through the progressive learning process of building robots as they wish."