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ToyAward2020 Reveal 4 Major Trends

2020-07-30 CTJPA

The ToyAward2020 consists of 5 awards including Baby & Infant Toy Award (0-3 years), Preschool Toy Award (3-6 years), SchoolKids Toy Award (6-10 years), Teenagers & Adults Toy Award ( 10+ years) and Start-ups Award (Start-ups less than 5 years).
16 experts ed 15 nominees from 772 products submitted by 422 exhibitors in consideration of fun, originality, safety, process quality, easy comprehension of product concept, market potential and other aspects and finally 5 products were ed to win the final award.
It is worth mentioning that the balloon puncher launched by Silverlit Toys, a Hong Kong based company, won the school-age group award for the second time. In 2018, Silverlit won the preschool group award with its intelligent chameleon.
This year's award-winning and nominated products cover the three important functions of toys, which are learning through playing, parent-child connection and cognition of the real world, showing four trends of toy development.
Trend 1: Innovation through multi-function
The innovative design of originality endows toys with more functions and multiple playing methods, making them more playable or educational.
Knight’s Castle Ball Track by Gollnest & Kiesel GmbH & Co. KG
The award-winning product of preschool group, adopts the design of marble runway and wooden components, makes the colorful wooden ball roll among the high buildings by building the castle, and designs diversified and simple plug-in mechanism to make the product win the preschool group award.
Baby Walker Whale by Legler oHG small foot company, integrates shape sorting game, flip card game, building block and storage. The image on the compass can be displayed on the top, with excellent stability, reliable braking system and aesthetic design.
Play & Crawl Hedgehog Mirror by Mattel GmbH-baby in the crawling stage can push the big wheel of the hedgehog and the mirror arouses the curiosity of the baby. As the wheels roll, the little beads in the tire makes an exciting sound.
PIXIO Magnetic Building Blocks by Trendformer Limited, is composed of small square color blocks with side length of 5mm, integrating game and design, and can build various objects with pixel artistic style.
Trend 2: Multiplayer games make toys more interesting and companionship may be a new focus
Toys that need more than one person to participate, such as board games, can cultivate children's social ability and enhance parent-child relationship, accounting for one third of the products nominated for this year's Nuremberg Toy award.
SchoolKids Toy Award- Balloon Puncher by Silverlit Toys
The balloon is clamped on the body of the robot as the head, and the robot is controlled by the remote control to attack the opponent, so that the opponent's balloon bursts, which has a strong interest and competitiveness.
Teenagers & Adults Toy Award- Mystery House: Adventures in a Box by Cranio Creations SRL
The cards are placed in the mysterious 3D game field according to the coordinates. Each player can peep at it and look for clues. Input the coordinates of the cards in the attached app on the tablet computer, and you will be prompted to further solve this problem.
Trend 3 - situational toys to help children better understand the world
Children are curious about everything around them. Family toys, vehicle models and other types of toys enable children to increase their understanding of the real world through role-playing, scene simulation and other ways in the process of playing, and through the delicate design of toys.
Baby and Infant Toy Award- PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 AQUA Play Set
All the game functions are marked in red, and the water flow is generated by flipping the crank, so as to drive the little yellow duck, kayak and other accessories in the water to rotate with the water flow.
MAN TGS Street Sweeper by BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co. KG
Designed based on the real cleaning car, when you press the button, the side brush can be lifted, the dirt container can be tilted, and the rear baffle can be opened.
Mini Chef Bird’s Nest Café by Jet Young International Co., Ltd.
Delicate reproduction of a beautifully decorated café with warm color, rich accessories and vivid details. With a compact structure, it is very suitable for children to play in the bedroom.
Trend 4 – Toys exercising children's hands and brains to learn new knowledge through play
Science and education toys, intelligent coding toys, etc., integrate knowledge toys, allowing children to acquire new knowledge and skills through lively and interesting playing methods, and learn through playing.
Star-ups Award- Calculix number bricks by CALCULIX
Calculix digital building blocks, made of high-quality wooden building blocks, can help children learn basic arithmetic operations in an interesting way. If you put an 8 and a 9 together, all the other building blocks that add up to 17 have the same height. Subtraction, multiplication and division are also clearly stated in the specification.
Green Science Experiment Set by SCIENCE4YOU S.A.
The product contains 15 scientific experiments, through which children can learn about the environment and sustainable development, including the manual tutorial of turning waste treasure, such as making an astronaut helmet from an old cardboard box.
Proxi – Your micro:bit Coding-Robot by Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co.KG
The product provides a set of high-quality game sets for future engineers to build their own programmable robot. After the assembly, the robot chip can be programmed by computer, and the display screen shows the robot's facial expression. Robots can also walk like spiders and even display text messages. Proxi has educational value and can be controlled by tilting the tablet.