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ACTOYS wholly acquired by Bilibili

2020-09-3 CTJPA

ACTOYS was established in 2001 and has been in development for nearly 19 years. In 2014, it received an angel round of investment from Innovation Works and u17.com worth one million yuan. Recently, the company has been undergoing some commercial changes. The original shareholders including Ganbei Capital, Sanqian Capital, and Gongqingcheng Shangqi Investment have all withdrawn from the company.

The Shanghai Huandian Information Technology Co., Ltd. under Bilibili became the sole shareholder of the company, holding 100% of the shares, meaning that Bilibili has completed the whole acquisition of ACTOYS.

Bilibili, China Growth Capital, and Sanqian Capital all have participated in multiple rounds of investment in ACTOYS.

In the early years, ACTOYS developed as a community forum where gathered fans of Transformers. Until 2014, after it had registered an independent domain name, the theme of the forum has expanded from only Transformers toys to a variety of other prototype model toys.

In 2015, ACTOYS began its transformation to an e-commerce platform. It established a set of prototype model toys trading system based on the forums, and grew to be the largest trading platform of prototype model toys in China.

In the end of 2015, ACTOYS embraced its second transformation, that is, it shifted itself from the channel side to the production side, and developed prototype model toys brands.

Currently, ACTOYS has signed with many top domestic IPs for prototype model toys’ development and production.