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Post-90s Parents have become the main consumer groups for mother and baby products

2022-01-11 CTJPA

On January 6, JD.com and the Beijing News released the "2021 Children's Commodity Trend Report". The report shows that parents born in the 1990s have become the main consumer group for mother and baby products . Payment for mother and baby knowledge has become a new trend, and domestic products have increasingly become the first choice for parents born in the 1990s. The report pointed out that when it comes to the choice of children's condiments and complementary foods, parents have multiple considerations on nutrients. Children's condiments that are low in salt, added with various trace elements, and protect the stomach have become their favorite. According to the sales data of Jingdong Supermarket, the growth rate of children's grain, oil and condiments reaches 90% in 2021, and the sales volume of children's food increases by 100% year-on-year in 2021.