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Mattel Breaks Boundaries with the First-Ever Barbie with Down Syndrome

2023-04-28 CTE

Barbie is continuing to show that beauty comes in all sorts of different forms!


As part of the 2023 Fashionistas doll line, Mattel is releasing the first Barbie in history with Down syndrome. The Barbie team worked closely with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) to ensure the authenticity of this trailblazing doll’s design before it hit shelves.


From the sculpt of the doll’s face and body to the features of her wardrobe, this new fashionista was meticulously designed to represent and inspire girls with Down syndrome around the globe when they see her on the shelves. NDSS and a medical professional helped review the features, including a face sculpt with a rounder shape and a flat nasal bridge, a shorter frame and a longer torso, and a single line on the doll’s palm.


Barbie’s dress is adorned with butterflies and a yellow/blue color pattern — common symbols associated with the Down syndrome community. The doll also sports a pink pendant necklace featuring upwards chevrons to resemble the three copies of the 21st chromosome. Kids who play with the Barbie doll will also notice her wearing a fashionable pair of ankle-foot orthotics to go with her bold outfit.


The doll will roll out at select retailers throughout summer and fall.

Source: The Toy Book