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Dongguan Taiway ShingKee Toys Co. Ltd.

Playgo serves the toy industry for more than 30 years, supplying a wide range of plastic toys to respond the diverse needs of our business partners. Serving as a manufacturer and exporter, with the brand name of Playgo ®, their products could be seen in more than 80 countries in the world. One of the company’s main production sites in Dongguan covers an area of 140thouand square meters with around 2,000 employees. Every day in Playgo, they are manufacturing over 80thousnad pieces of toys. They have seven workshops to support the production here in DG site including Molding, Injection, Painting, Dough Workshop and 3 Assemble Workshop. For complete version of the video, please contact us by caroline_wang@tjpa-china.org; sam_jia@tjpa-china.org.

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