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Key Information of The China Market

Demographic Factors

In 2019, the population of children ages 0-14 in China was 234 million, and the population of newborn was 14.65 million. The disposable income per capita for Chinese consumers was RMB 30,733, increased by 8.9% year over year; the consumption expenditure per capita was RMB 21,559 which increased by 8.6% year over year.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics

2019 Total Retail Sales of Toys and Major Baby Products in China

The total retail sales of toys in China amounted to RMB 75.97 billion, increased by 7.8% year over year. The consumption expenditure per child ages 0-14 on toys in China was RMB 323.4 which increased by 8.0% year over year.
Domestic retail sales of baby strollers amounted to RMB 14.72 billion, safety car seats amounted to RMB 5.19 billion, baby bottles was RMB 6.13 billion achieving an increase of 11.5%, 14.7%, 8.9% over the previous year respectively.

2019 Retail Channels of Toys and Major baby Products in China

Online sales of toys accounted for 32.6%, an increase of 3.9% over the previous year; Offline sales accounted for 67.4%.
Online sales of baby strollers accounted for 38.1%, an increase of 1.9% over the previous year; Offline sales accounted for 61.9%.
Online sales of children car seats accounted for 45.7%, an increase of 2.6% over the previous year; Offline sales accounted for 54.3%.
Online sales of baby bottles accounted for 40.0%, an increase of 2% over the previous year; Offline sales accounted for 60.0%.
75.9% of consumers interviewed choose JD, Taobao and Tmall to purchase toys online.
Proportion of online channels for consumers’ toy purchases in 2019
Online Channels JD Tmall Taobao Pinduoduo Suning Redbaby Others
Proportion 26.8% 25.3% 23.8% 11.3% 8.7% 4.2%

The proportion of JD, Tmall and Taobao chosen by interviewed consumers when buying baby strollers, baby bottles, and children car seats reached 70.3%, 69.0% and 60.2% respectively.

2019 Analysis of Consumer Behaviors

59.4% interviewed consumers plan to increase their expenses on toys in 2020; while 12.2% plan to reduce their expenses on toys in 2020.

Projected expense on toys in 2020
Expense change Increase by over 30% Increase by 0-29% Remain Unchanged Decrease by 0-29% Decrease by over 30%
Proportion 17.2% 42.2% 28.5% 10.3% 1.9%

55.0% interviewed consumers plan to increase their expense on baby products in 2020; while 17.1% plan to reduce their expense on baby products in 2020.

Projected expense on baby products in 2020
Expense change Increase by over 30% Increase by 0-29% Remain Unchanged Decrease by 0-29% Decrease by over 30%
Proportion 16.1% 38.9% 27.9% 14.2% 2.9%
38.6% consumers are willing to learn toy product information via short videos, which increased 23.1% compared to the previous year. 33% consumers learn toy product information by live streaming platforms, an increase of 21.7% over the previous year.
Media Channels for Toys Information Sourcing
Channels Short
Live Streaming
Weibo Wechat
38.6% 38.2% 33.0% 26.6% 26.0%
15.5% 45.3% 11.3% 32.6% 48.2%
41.6% consumers are willing to learn baby product information via short videos, which increased 19.5% compared to the previous year. 34.3% consumers learn baby product information by live streaming platforms, an increase of 19% over the previous year.
Media Channels for Baby Products Information Sourcing
Channels Short
Live Streaming
41.6% 48.8% 34.3% 29.5% 32.7%
22.1% 50.6% 15.3% 38.5% 36.6%
Source: 2020 China Toy and Juvenile Products Industry Report

Market Entry Requirements

National Safety Standards for Children's Products


S/N Standard Number Title Type Issuing Date Implementation Date
1 GB 6675.1-2014 Toys Safety ― Part 1: Basic Code Compulsory 2014/5/6 2016/1/1
2 GB 6675.2-2014 Safety of Toys ― Part 2: Mechanical and Physical Properties Compulsory 2014/5/6 2016/1/1
3 GB 6675.3-2014 Safety of Toys - Part 3: Flammability Compulsory 2014/5/6 2016/1/1
4 GB 6675.4-2014 Safety of Toys ― Part 4: Migration of Certain Elements Compulsory 2014/5/6 2016/1/1
5 GB 6675.11-2014 Safety of Toys - Part 11:Swings, Slides and Similar Activity Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Family Domestic Use Compulsory 2014/12/5 2016/1/1
6 GB 6675.12-2014 Safety of Toys-Part 12: Toy Scooter Compulsory 2014/12/5 2016/1/1
7 GB 6675.13-2014 Safety of Toys ― Part 13:Chemical Toys (Sets) other than Experimental Sets Compulsory 2014/12/5 2016/1/1
8 GB 6675.14-2014 Safety of Toys ― Part 14:Requirements and Test Methods of Finger Paints Compulsory 2014/12/5 2016/1/1
9 GB/T 5296.5-2006 Instructions for Use of Products of Consumer Interest ― Part 5: Toys Voluntary 2006/7/11 2007/6/1
10 GB 19865-2005 Electric Toys-Safety Compulsory 2005/9/7 2006/10/1


S/N Standard Number Title Type Issuing Date Implementation Date
1 GB 14746-2006 Safety Requirements for Bicycles for Young Children Compulsory 2006/2/21 2007/1/1
2 GB 14747-2006 Safety Requirements for Child Tricycles Compulsory 2006/2/21 2007/1/1
3 GB 14748-2006 Safety Requirements for Wheeled Child Conveyances Compulsory 2006/2/21 2007/1/1
4 GB 14749-2006 Safety Requirements for Baby Walking Frames Compulsory 2006/2/21 2007/1/1
5 GB 28482-2012 Restraining Devices for Child Occupants of Power-Driven Vehicles Compulsory 2012/6/29 2013/5/1
6 GB 28007-2011 Children's Furniture - General Technical Requirements Compulsory 2011/10/31 2012/8/1
7 GB 30004-2013 The Safety Requirements of Cradles Compulsory 2013/10/10 2015/6/1
8 GB 29281-2012 Safety Requirements for Playpens and Similar Cribs Compulsory 2012/12/31 2014/5/1
9 GB 22793.1-2008 Furniture - Children's High Chair - Part 1: Safety Requirements Compulsory 2008/12/30 2010/3/1
10 QB 2453.1-1999 Children Cots and Folding Cots for Domestic Use - Part 1: Safety Requirements Compulsory 1999/7/12 2000/7/1
11 GB 18401-2010 National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products Compulsory 2011/1/14 2011/8/1
12 GB 31701-2015 The Safety Technical Code for Infants and Children Textile Products Compulsory 2015/5/26 2016/6/1
13 GB 27887-2011 Safety Requirements of Soothers for Babies and Young Children Compulsory 2011/12/30 2012/7/1

About 3C Certification

What is CCC?

“3C Certification” is the abbreviation of “China Compulsory Certification”, which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in compliance with relevant laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national safety and to strengthen product quality management.


AQSIQ: Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China

CNCA: Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China

3C Certification Requirements on Toys

According to No. 198 Announcement “Catalogue of Toy Products Subject to China Compulsory Certification” by CNCA in 2005, part of toy and baby products are subject to 3C Certification starting from Jun.1st, 2007. All children's products listed in the catalogue, if without 3C certification or CCC mark, shall not be allowed to be shipped, sold or imported to China market.

As the deputy chair of the TC21 (Children's Products) Technical Committee for China Compulsory Certification, CTJPA assists CNCA in improving the 3C Certification system and effective implementation of the compulsory certification.

Applicable Products

As of January 1, 2020, a total of seven categories of children's products have been listed in the compulsory certification catalogue:


Electric Toys(CNCA-13C-069)

Plastic Toys(CNCA-13C-070)

Metal Toys(CNCA-13C-071)

Projectile toys(CNCA-13C-072)


Child Restraint System in Motor Vehicles(CNCA-C22-03)

Certification Authority
Product Category Recommended Certification Authority Organization Code Location
Toys, Ride-ons China Quality Certification Center (CQC) 01 Beijing
Certification Center of Light Industry Council (CCLC) 15 Beijing
Children's Safety Seats China Quality Certification Center (CQC) 01 Beijing
China Certification Centre for
Automotive Products (CCAP)
09 Beijing
Certification Center of Light Industry Council (CCLC) 15 Beijing
CAQC Cdrtification Inc. (CAQC) 22 Tianjin

Designated Testing Labs for 3C Certification Recommended by CTJPA

Testing Lab Lab Code City Toys Ride-one Safety Seats
Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research 00301 Shanghai
Vkan Certification&Testing Co.Ltd. 00501 Guangzhou
Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center (IQTC) 02201 Guangzhou
Beijing Inspection& Quarantine Testing Center 12001 Beijing
Zhejiang Fangyuan Test Group Co,Ltd. 02401 Hangzhou
Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality 02501 Fuzhou
Yuedong Toy Testing Center, Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 11701 Shantou
CQC South China Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. 15801 Guangzhou
Pony Testing International Group 20201 Suzhou
Eqo Testing and Certification Co,Ltd. 14901 Kunshan

Recommended National Distributors

Category Distributor Distributed Brands
Toys Kidsland Lego, Bandai, Spinmaster, Crayola, Brio, Siku, Tomy, CTA, Little Tikes
Baby Products Malihome.cn Babymoov, Concord, PICCI,Learning Resources, Orchard Toys, Razor
Preschool Supplies Beijing Qisehua Educational Science Developing Co.,Ltd. Weplay, Haba, guide craft, University Furniture,Klein, Belonil, Creall, Gonge, U.S.L, Rolly Toys, Italtrike, TTS, SHY-LI
Licensing Alfilo Brands British Museum,BBC
Toys Malihome.cn Cra-Z-Art,Razor,Educational Insights,Fab Brix,Learning Resources,Mad Mattr, WowWee,Jumbo,Papo
Weplay HABA,UNIVERSITY,Guidecraft,klein,rolly toys Creall, Belonil, USL,little tikes
Westbaby Tolo ,Greentoys,Crocodile Creek,Manhattan toys,Tikiri ,Angeldear,Tiger Tribe
Tickles Toys&Gifts(shanghai)Co.Ltd Kimmidoll,GUND,Mani the lucky cat, Disney
Shanghai Injoying (Yingyi) Info&Tech Ltd. SMART GAMES, Minty Mind
Ningbo Rocabin Trade Co.,Ltd. B.Toys,Li' I Woodzeez,Mary Mecer,Unicoplus,taggies,BristleBlocks
MorningRain Thinkfun
Happy Kids & Toys Ltd Mimiworld
Hape International (Ningbo) Ltd. Ty,nano block
Daditianxia Beijing Trading Co.,Ltd PAPOOSE
Guangdong D&G Trading Limited Bandai , Spin Master , Hello Kitty , Moose
Toys Baby Products Bebeconfort, Graco,NUNA,Safety 1st, KidsII, Babymoov
Bloom & Grow Belly Armor Cuddledry, Ergobaby, Frankie Ray,Happychik, Skip Hop,Ubbi,4Moms
Babiesjoy PegPerego,Okbaby,Sigikids, BEABA,Mustela, Red Castle
XiongKe Cam
Decobebe bioboo, bbluv, Lebiberon francais
Quintus Dockatot
Preschool Supplies Biandou HABA,greenman and the magic forest, Ullewaeh
Dolphine Media Aquaplay, Clayworks, Edx education, Le Toy Van, Weible Knet, Dusyma
European Educational Group Beleduc, Educo,Toptrike,Spiel welle, Nienhuis Montessori,Poly-M,VIVAIO,KIDS-F,Lipura,Toys for life, GAM,Edu-sphere
Licensing Alifish Star Trek: Discovery, PAC-MAN, GUNDAM,
Animation International Ltd.( Shanghai) Doraemon,CRAYON SHINCHAN
Brandwork (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd, LT Duck, The dog and friends, Kumamon
China Brands Group Paul Fank, Pancoat, Pucca, Angry Birds, Assasin's Creed, The Simpsons, Sesame Street
Click! Licensing Hong Kong Limited PetsRock ,Britto,Rabbids,Grazia,Hallmark, NDK Swiss,Grace Cao,Rebecca Bonbon,Workshop
GZ Art-land Holding Company Limited SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Dore the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, MTV, the World of Eric Carle, Barbapapa, Pinkfong, Mofy, 44Cats and Domo-Kun
IMG Sports Development (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Sesame Street,Pink Panther
Long Wise Inc. Ltd Van Gogh Museum
Medialink Group Limited.  Garfield, Le Petit Prince, emoji,Popeye,Betty Boop, Robocar Poli, Peter Rabbit, Wish Dragon, Finlayson, Happiplayground, Kiki and Nuna, Gintama, Bleach,Dr. Stone, Umaru-chan!, ananya, No Game No Life, OVERLORD 3, Yuru Camp, Haikyu!!3rd Season, Food wars! Shokugeki no SOMA the Third Plate, Megalo Box
Promotional Partners Worldwide (PPW) Hey Duggee, Mr. Men Little Miss, Moomin
Shanghai Character License Administrative Co., Ltd. Ultraman Series, Hatsune Miku, Kamen Rider, Detective Conan, Evangelion, Ocha-ken, Penelope
Shanghai Ying butterfly film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. Hozo, M&R, Oringa, Pim&Pom, Buddyfight
UYoung Culture & Media Co., Ltd Shaun The Sheep,Mia & Me,P.King Duckling,Moon and Me,Space Racers,MESSY GOES TO OKIDO,The Ollie & Moon Show,KAZOOPS
To get contact details of the above distributors, please email: caroline_wang@tjpa-china.org

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