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While Staying at Home, Board Games Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

2020-07-30 CTJPA

1. Combining board games with education to improve children's comprehensive abilities
Parent-child interactive board games contain certain educational elements in themselves. Incorporating board games  education can improve children's ability to resist frustration and improve self-regulation. Different types of board game products also contribute to practicing children’s logical thinking ability, expression ability, observing ability and other aspects. In addition, some board game products are combined with history, geography, mathematics and other knowledge. The process of children playing with parents and friends is also a learning process.
Asmodee: "Timeline Series" Encourage Children to Learn History and Get to Know the World
"Timeline Series" is a sorted card table game series launched by Asmodee for children to learn knowledge, approach history, and recognize the world. It is suitable for children over 8 years old. At present, there are four themes in the entire series: the invention chapter, the historical event chapter, the multi-theme chapter, and the Chinese version (including the ancient and modern chapters). There are 55 cards in each theme, and the front of each card is an image of a major historical event or a great invention (discovery). The back indicates the age of the card. What the player needs to do is try to arrange the cards correctly in chronological order.
Djeco: "Tulum Pyramid" Allow children to experience ancient Mayan architecture 
Tulum is a game that tests spatial logical thinking and overall planning consciousness. It is suitable for children over 5 years old. With the Tulum Mayan pyramids as the background, children can experience the ancient Mayan architectural culture during the process of playing. Players need to build the pyramid according to the color conditions of the fixed dice and the game board, build the pyramid before the opponent, and also add the adventure mode, so that the player can always be in a balance between rationality and excitement during the game. Players can