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Testing specialists SGS gains China Compulsory Certification Accreditation

2020-09-14 CTJPA

Testing specialists SGS gains China Compulsory Certification to help manufacturers sell toys into the region.


The testing and certification company, SGS, has gained accreditation to test toys against the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) standard at its laboratory in Hong Kong. The development means that SGS can now carry out testing against the CCC standards and guide manufacturers through the process in its facilities in China.


The China Compulsory Certification is a mandatory certification programme for manufacturers looking to bring compliant toys to the Chinese market. It covers 17 product categories, electronic toys, plastic toys, metal toys, and ride on toys.


With the accreditation, SGS can now offer manufacturers, retailers and importers a “one-stop solution to ensure their toy products comply with relevant regulations and quality standards.” In addition to CCC, these include the EU toy directive and the US Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSIA) among others. SGS toy safety services aim to assure toy safety and offer a comprehensive programme that includes new product development, legal requirements, safety and risk assessment, testing, inspections, and training.


Nicolas Bacheré, global director, hardlines CRS at SGS, said: “We are delighted to achieve this accreditation which is great news for toy manufacturers looking to bring safe and compliant toys to the Chinese market. As part of a global network of toy testing laboratories, our experts look forward to supporting the toy industry to grow their business safely and sustainably, minimizing risk and expanding opportunity.”


The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) oversees the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) bodies and approved laboratories scheme. Historically, only government institutions and state-owned enterprises were able to be accredited to Certified Body and Approved Laboratory status.


SGS will guide clients undertaking the four-step certification process that currently involves the submission of application for certification and supporting materials, the testing of toys and declaration of conformity, the evaluation of certification results, and approval/rejection of certification, and a follow up inspection required every six months for successful applications.