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License 2 Play Launches Sandwich-Themed Plush Collection

2023-04-21 CTE

License 2 Play is getting into the sandwich business, kind of.


Sandoichis is a collectible plush range that combines animals with sandwiches. There are six of them in the first series: Patty the PB & Jellicorn, Charlie the Chicken Sando, Geno the Corgi Cheesesteak, Penny the Ice Cream Pengwich, Tammy the Grilled Cheese Tabby, and Peggy the Panini Pig. The collection is designed with both kids and collectors in mind.

There are two sizes of Sandoichi, 3-inch plush that come in surprise bags with a backpack clip and 6-inch plush. Each plush in the collection also comes with its own personality and biography.

Source: The Toy Book